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Vectorfog Z500 ULV Cold Fogger (Cordless)

  • Tank Capacity: 2.5 Liters (0.6 Gallon)
  • Power: 110V Power source / 12V Battery
  • Spray Distance: 15 ft.
  • Droplet Size: 10, 25, 50 microns
  • Battery Life: 45 minutes (continuous fogging)
  • Charging time: 2 hrs 30 minutes.
  • Net Weight:  13.9 Lbs
  • Warranty: 12 months

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The Battery-Operated ULV Cold Fogger uses a high-power super speed brushless DC motor, the high-speed motor can rive the fan blade to produce high-speed rotary cutting airflow, at the same time, pressurized to the solution tank to make the solution delivery to the micro nozzle according to constant flow rate and high-speed airflow, under the common action of high-speed rotary cutting airflow and special structure of nozzle, the liquid is broken into tiny fog particles.